The Bunny Yard

Bunny enjoying carrots & apples   Enter the basset tracker  
  Time to run   Chasing the bunny
Let's skidaddle   That pesky rabbit is here somewhere  
  Sometimes you can hide in the open   Dogged determination
Getting close   Aw Mom - Can I go back and eat now?


Basset hounds were bred to track rabbits in France. The ears and nose are good for finding scent.  Field trials involve people beating the brush to flush rabbits. When one is found, the finder yells "Tally-ho!" A 2 dog team is released to track the rabbit. The dog that best tracks the specific rabbit's scent is deemed the winner of the pair. Pairs are judged in a sequence of run-offs similar to the NCAA Final Four competition...until a final winner is selected. The rabbits are not harmed in the field trial...the objective is for the dogs to demonstrate their rabbit tracking abilities.

Our bunnies are Cream, Brownie, Stripe, Ghost, Zoom, and Latte.

Oxboro Bassets  

Updated: May 23 2004