Oxboro Fun with Dick and Jane
  •     CH Bugle Bay's Baker's Dozen
      CH Hartland's What's Cooking  
        CH Heartland's Jewel ROM
    CH Sedgwick's Liam    
        DC Sanlyn's Quest For Vision
      CH Sedgwick's Maureen O'Hara  
        CH Sedgwick's Sarah O'Sullivan
    Oxboro Fun With Dick and Jane      
        CH Touchstone's Buster Keaton
      CH Musiclands Clancy  
        CH Musiclands Hit Song
    CH Oxboro Undaunted Courage TD    
        CH Briarcrest Kicker O'Lil Creek ROM
      CH Oxboro's Marie Curie CD  
        CH Oxboro Egret Weve Seen A Few TD, ROM

    Oxboro Bassets  

    Updated: March 26, 2008