Promising form of renewable energy

What are the challenges associated with that energy source?

Each of the renewable energy forms has promise and limitations. The most promising of the less developed forms (solar, waves, biofuels, geothermal) is geothermal. It is the most developed, however, its use in the US is restricted to a smaller geographical area than the other sources, as shown in the figure below. The US maps shown in Reference 1 really show the impact and a comparison of the scope available for each type of power source.


US West Areas with Geothermal Potential   US Geological Service

I have been impressed by the use of alternative cycles (e.g. binary) that use other working fluids/gases and lower temperatures rather than depending solely on steam and the Rankine cycle. Based on information I had received before, I had expected sulfur levels to be a significant issue that required resolution.



Comments about other sources


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