A Typical Dog Training Track

Start of the track    
Various stages of the track    
Watering a hard worker    
More stages of the track    
End of the track & reward    

Practice tracking involves using conditions similar to those present in a test. Rewards (typically food) are given typically, but not always, along the track and always at the end. Canned cat food almost always entices the dogs.

A TDX test track is 800 to 1000 yards. As long as the dog has the physical capability to go the full distance, e.g. daily walks, the training tracks do not have to be full length.

Rather, each training track should emphasize some or all of the elements of the tracks used in the test, e.g. multiple runs at right and obtuse angles, multiple articles, obstacles, terrain, temperature, rain, dryness, windspeed, distractions, multiple tracklayers.

One method of training scent discrimination involves using two tracklayers with different starting points in an H pattern.

Throughout the US, terrain and local environmental conditions used for tests vary widely.